City Creek Center SLC


City Creek Center water feature

City Creek Center water feature


The SLC – City Creek Center is starting to come alive and have some finished phases.

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Haines Wharf Park, Edmonds Washington (Seattle area)

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Here is a video I made of kids playing at the park.

Haines Wharf Park in Edmonds Washington is the most amazing pocket park.  There is a lot packed into this little park.  The views of the Puget Sound and Olympic mountains are stunning.   On the street above the park there is an overlook to view the sunset and a nearby interpretive sign to learn the names of the mountain peaks….

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Hickman Park, Edmonds Washington

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Hickman Park

Hickman Park, Beautiful flowering cherry specimen

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Natural Stream Bank Stabilization

Using boulders, riparian plants (willows, cottonwoods and etc), logs and mulch Big Cottonwood River was stabilized in Holiday, Utah.  Logs were wrapped with bent rebar driven into the ground.  These photos were in taken (2010), approximately two years after installation.  The logs were approximately 4-6 inches in diameter.  At the time of the visit the stabilization looked good and the plant material was green and growing.

Stream Bank Stabilization Using Logs

Bent Rebar

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Eddie George talking about landscape architecture

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Green Roof: Elevation 314

Green Roof: Elevation 314.

Recently I watched the video clip called Green Roof: Elevation 314.  Its a fantastic short video in how Architect Russel Katz and Landscape Architect Amy Arnold turned the plaza of the apartment building into an oasis and a rain garden to handle storm water on-site.  I think this an educational video and a great project.

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